International Commercial Boutique

KBL Roche and its network of cooperating firms and lawyers gives our clients access to local services around the globe and permits businesses to move into new markets. Our close network spans the following jurisdictions allowing us to work with outside counsels on matters in most countries in the world.
  • EU: Spain, Italy, Germany, France
  • United Kingdom
  • Africa: Nigeria and South Africa
  • China

Cross Border Operations and Business Migration

We assist European and U.S. clients in migrating, creating and growing their business on both continents. We join your team for foreign-local and cross border legal assessments and compliance of your business plan. We also assist you in setting up your business and accounting and ensure compliance with local, state and federal license and tax requirements.
  • Business plan and business migration due diligence.
  • Business and non-immigrant visas.
  • Incorporation and representative corporate offices, Corporate compliance, and state licensing.
  • International tax and local commercial contracts.
  • Cross cultural and cross legal system advice and guidance.

Local and International Tax

KBL Roche’s tax department provides clients with sophisticated and practical international and local advice on tax planning, tax strategies for transactions, cross-border issues and the resolution of difficult tax controversies for individuals, estates, business, and transactions.
  • Transactions: M&A, Real Estate, Trusts and Estates, Restructuring and Reorganization, Capital Market Investments, Financings
  • Government Rulings (internationally) and Permanent Establishment (PE) planning,
  • Tax Controversy and Litigation.
  • Municipal, State, Federal, Cross Border Tax, Totalization and International Tax Treaties.
  • Sales tax, Commercial Rent Tax, and Income Tax, Exit Tax, and Gift Tax, other, specific filings (e.g. residency certificates, and annual reports).
  • Individuals 1040 and 1040NR; Corporations and Partnerships 1120, 1065; Trusts and Estates 1041.

Intellectual Property

KBL Roche’s IP department is a partner in strategizing to monetize and protect your intellectual creations. We offer a comprehensive range of services for prosecuting, acquiring, commercializing, exploiting, defending, and enforcing your IP. We look out for your IP as a single creation, as part of a transaction or acquisition, and during audits or against infringement.
  • Registration and Enforcement.
  • Copyright, Trademarks, Trade secrets.
  • Tax Treatment.
  • Licensing Agreements.

General Contracts and Commercial Law

KBL Roche provides its clients with commercial contracts tailored to its business, whether B2B or B2C, and assists in understanding its rights, obligations, risks, and liability when setting up or counseling and negotiating commercial contracts with third parties.
  • NDA, Non-Compete, Proprietary Invention, and Non-Circumvention Agreements.
  • Contractor, Master-Service, Project, and Development Agreements.
  • Employment Agreements and Employee Handbooks.
  • Option and Employee Incentive Agreements.
  • Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Code of Conducts, Use Policies, and other Legal Notices.

Business and Corporate Law

Our corporate practice group is business first and starts with understanding your business’ goals and values. We counsel between stakeholders, and assist in incorporation, organization, ongoing maintenance, and corporate compliance and governance on state level and across borders.
  • Corporate and tax planning.
  • Incorporation, partnership negotiation, shareholder disputes, and liquidation, exit and dissolution counseling.
  • State filings and compliance.
  • Operating Agreement, Bylaws, Corporate Minutes, Partnership and Shareholder Agreements.
  • Corporate governance and maintenance, Corporate In House Services.

Mergers & Acquisition

Our experienced M&A group assists sellers, buyers, investors, and interested parties throughout the entire process of the acquisition of a business, including due diligence, negotiation of deal terms and acquisition structure and strategy, and tax effects and compliance.
  • Share and Asset Deals.
  • Spin offs, Carve Outs, Split offs, and Earned Buyouts.
  • Joint Ventures.
  • Risk Minimization and Financial Strategies.
  • Minority shareholder, management, and chief officer counseling.

Consumer Protection and Advertisement Regulation

We understand that your B2C product, digital or retail, goods or services, regardless of industries, market and territory, identifies a need and is designed to benefit that individual. We make sure that your product makes it to the consumer and passes legal muster through the whole process, design, labeling, production, fulfillment, placement, marketing, and sale, while limiting your liability without harm to marketability and consumer experience.
  • FTC Compliance and Competition Law.
  • Native Advertising Compliance and Influencer Counseling.
  • Local market product and entry compliance.
  • Terms and Conditions, Use Policies, and Code of Conducts.
  • Sweepstakes and Contests Terms.

Cyber Security and Data Protection

KBL Roche is at the forefront of digitalization and information technology and assists its clients in assessing risk factors posed to its clients’ business, data, employees, customers, trade secrets, and proprietary information. We provide best practice solutions for compliant data collection and processing as well as organizational, technical, personnel, and infrastructural guidelines and safety measures to ensure data protection compliance and cyber security.
  • GDPR, CCPA, and HIPPA (and other fields, data, and jurisdiction).
  • Risk Assessments and Incident Reporting.
  • Data Protection, Processing and Transfer Agreements.
  • Privacy Policies, Whistleblower Policies, Binding Corporate rules.
  • In House Workshops.

Immigration Law

We assist businesses and individuals in acquiring their visas, whether for business purposes, to pursue their career or dream, or follow or rejoin their family.
  • Immigration and Non-Immigrant Visas.
  • Investor Visas (E), Student Visas (J), Employment Visas (L, H1B), Business Visas (B), Artist Visas (O).
  • Naturalization.

Real Estate

KBL Roche, also acting as a licensed Real Estate Broker in New York, assists clients with their real estate matters, as buyers, sellers, landlords or tenants.
  • Tax Incentives and Property Tax (international and local).
  • Closing and Title Checks; Town Houses, Co Op, Condo.
  • Administrative Law and Rent Regulations.

Trust and Estates

KBL Roche provides local and international clients with a wide range of services to retrieve and manage its assets, trust, and estates in the most respectful, and tax and legally efficient manner ensuring personal needs and family goals are met while maximizing the financial values.
  • Trust and Estate Planning and Tax Planning and Filing.
  • Wills, Living (revocable) Trusts, Health Care Proxies, Directives and Powers of Attorney.
  • Estate Administration and Probate.

Capital Markets and Fundraising

Our securities department advises businesses and individuals on a wide range of securities, investment, and financing matters, whether you are offering, issuing, or investing, or receiving preferred stock as part of an incentive plan, and whether that is as Corporation or LLC.
  • Debt Financing (SAFEs, other convertible debt), Profits Interest, Preferred Stock, Equity Incentive Plans and Options.
  • Angel Investment, Seed Rounds, Series A, and more.
  • Public Offering, Prospectus, and Private Placement Memorandums.
  • SEC compliance.


Our origins lie with assisting start ups from around the world and any industry when making their first steps in the US. We have vast experience in acting as general counsel for startups, assisting their incorporation and funding endeavors, and setting them up with proper B2B and B2C contracts and a stellar IP protection and monetization strategy.
  • Corporate Formation and Shareholder/Corporate Agreements.
  • Corporate Governance and Maintenance.
  • Funding: Family, Angel, Seed, Crowd and Series A.
  • Reg CF and Reg D.
  • Commercial Contracts.
  • General Counsel services.

Entertainment and Media

KBL Roche is at the frontier of representing creators of all and any fashion. Its Entertainment and Media practice advises clients in spaces such as video games, games, TV and movie, advertising, publishing, music, event and other on all matters relevant from inception of the idea to bringing it to the market, and keeping it there.
  • TM and Copyright Registrations.
  • IP Enforcement.
  • Licensing, Development, and Production Agreements.
  • EULA, Talent and Influencer Agreements and Releases.

Digital and Tech

As advocates of creators, KBL Roche counsels clients from the technology space, including AI, fintech, software, blockchain, big data, cybersecurity and more, with comprehensive legal services to assist in protection and monetization of their Intellectual Property, creating and maintaining compliance with the newest regulations, and ensuring cross border tax compliance in licensing agreements.
  • Licensing Agreements.
  • TM and Copyright Registrations.
  • IP Enforcement. and South Africa
  • Regulatory Compliance (GDPR, CCPA, etc.).

Private Clients and General Counsel Services

At KBL Roche we value our relationships with our clients and the trust they have in us. We counsel individuals and business owners on all legal and tax matters related to their private affairs. We act as a trustworthy partner and assist you in the management of your estate, assets and other wealth related matters.
Similarly, we assist our business clients as outside general counsel and advisor on all legal aspects of their business and act as confidant and partner in the decision making process for and growth of your business.