LivenLuLu™ created by our talented client VeroDalla

LivenLuLu™ created by our talented client VeroDalla

Imagine a world where art is not only created by men and women but is also a transfiguration of human emotions and soul. LivenLuLu is emotion, LivenLuLu is unity, LivenLuLu is Universal.

I wanted to share the story of LivenLuLu. Roche Legal helped protecting the brand and the designs using Trademark and Copyright laws and advise VeroDalla on a daily basis to realize her projects.

From website:

"A human being is who we are as a form of life, when the individual is this human being deformed by the filters of the society. The first filter will be gender. Whatever your color, your religion, your culture…we face gender-phobia everywhere. After the gender, the heavy racial discrimination. Studies show that children have no concept of racism…it is taught by the environment. After, we have religions…one more time. Completely created by individuals, whatever their reasons. At the same level, we will also find culture, which is a compilation of all complexities created…consolidate by history. After that you will also face social environment, professional field, handicaps, particular abilities, or whatever that will make others feel "different".

So our society in its integrity is created around filters. We have to deal with that every single day, in the simplest routine of our life.


[VeroDalla] created a character design without exterior distinctive signs: no real gender, no color, no religion's reference, no social environment, no distinction, only the representation of the human being we are deeply inside. The LivenLuLu is here to remind us we are all human being before to be an individual of this society. By the movements [VeroDalla] express[es] emotions, they define who we are, since our life is dictated by those feelings. [VeroDalla] open[s] a dialogue between your true self as a human being, by touching a deep part of you and your individual side, in your daily life."

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