International Full Service Boutique

International Full Service Boutique

KBL Roche was founded in New York City by an international cohort of multi-cultural and -licensed attorneys from across the world with a shared passion for creativity and growth to bring to life:

An international full service boutique law firm that combines the modern and the institutions to ensure that our clients have a legal team at their side that is equipped to handle change, growth, and diversity without forgetting the principles that formed us into the lawyers we are today.

Our model for that!? Boutique in size, full service in expertise, headquartered in New York with a global reach through multinational and multicultural people.

But why?! Today's client is not tied to one place, does not follow old norms or abide by common standards. Whether a client crosses borders, combines cultures, challenges best practices, or entertains audiences globally – they’d all like their solutions uniquely tailored but ubiquitously available (kind of like that App you wish existed).

So? We are not an App and Apps cannot (yet?) replace a lawyer. And we certainly do not provide cookie cutter solutions with a click (yes, you will have to sit down and talk with us). But as die hard advocates of your cause and international full service boutique we pretty much nail the rest.

Currently, that makes us specialists. In the near future, this will be the staple.

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